What’s for dinner?

Looking back on this now 6 year old mother’s day gift that still adorns my desk at work, I remember laughing at Ava’s top five reasons she loves me:

1 – You love me
2 – You let me eat breakfast
3 – You say prayers with me
4 – You let me help with dinner
5 – You help me plant flowers


All I thought back then was “well I HAVE to feed you!”  Lol!  It didn’t hit me until recently when I read Joanna Gaines’ blog where her kids rang the same sentiments about being well fed that I too see that my children NOTICE & FEEL provided for when I feed them.  That is priceless!  Daily I get the question “what’s for dinner” and in the past it annoyed me, I had that same thought, like, ugh, “I HAVE to feed you,” quit asking me that!   But I have since learned a very important lesson, me feeding my family shows them my love tangibly.  It shows them security.  And from here on out I will view that duty in a whole different light!

Here’s to all the moms on today ~ keep providing!!  😉


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