Is it worth it?


I felt torn between two world’s…

I am writing this in hopes of getting feedback on how other mothers… Christians… entrepreneurs feel.  I need someone to validate me (I suppose!)

I currently have my own home based business but I feel, how should I put it, guilty is the only word that comes to mind, pursuing it.  My family could definitely benefit from the extra spending money but they could benefit more with my time.  A growing family seems to need so much monetarily day to day.  Feeding them alone takes a part time job!  I prayed about it exactly this same time last year then opened my bible up to this bible study!


Invest in family…

Wow God, okay I get it.  But, it wasn’t the answer I wanted.  😕 And one year later I am still questioning it.  My hubby tried to encourage me recently after talking to one of my team members and said that I should pursue it and that he is there to support me, yet I still don’t feel right.

I don’t want to “work my business as hard as I can for a few years to live like I want to later”.  Those will be “today moments” that I will have missed out on being present, moments that matter.  Things don’t matter.  Status doesn’t matter.  I don’t want my facebook highlight reel to look enviable or unattainable.  Sure I could make sure I “ask 10 people each day if they’ve heard about my business or share the opportunity”, or I could ask them if they’ve heard about Jesus!  That is where I was convicted.  You see, I view everything in light of the cross.

A part of me feels bad writing this because I don’t want anyone to feel like I think I am “holier then though” but then a part of me feels like that’s the enemy trying to keep my thoughts bottled up, preventing this dialouge.

Then I see this on Facebook by one of my favorite posters Brittany Jay…


Follow her!!!

More validation…

One morning the Proverbs 31 woman came to mind.  A chapter many like to mention often when talking about women in the workplace or having their own businesses, but more and more I wonder if that’s for me (the marketplace part).   Then today I read James and 1:9-11 stuck out at me. 


Okay God, I hear you loud and clear! 😕

It’s my time to do business with God!  After I prayed this morning I felt Him telling me he wants me to lean solely on him for everything.  I feel this is going to be a season where he grows me more thru faith in Him and Him alone.  Am I ready?  That is sort of a scary feeling… I do want to run a rewarding race, rewarding to my audience of One.  The unseen is always scary but with Christ I can do all things! ;););)


6 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. I totally get this feeling you are expressing. I have three things to share.

    1. ALWAYS …always …take the leap of faith with God. Its scary, but I promise He will take care of you. I’ve done this more than once. For example, He asked me to leave a job with no new job in sight. As soon as I obey …BOOM ….the next week, I’ve got a better job seemingly out-of-the-blue.

    2. I’ve learned that with God …He wants to know that you trust Him implicitly. So that means, that you have to get to a place in your heart and mind where you say (and mean it) “God, this is where I am and what I think I want to do – Nevertheless, I want what YOU want… so if what I want isn’t for me, then help me let it go – and help me to embrace whatever it is you want me to do. I TRUST You.”

    3. Usually when questions like this start happening in your life – its a pivot point in your spiritual journey with Christ. Something Good and God pleasing is just around the corner. I don’t know what it is … but you won’t know if you don’t go all in on what God is asking you to do. It seems like He wants you to focus fully on your family. This intense focus may be for a season or longer. But I guarantee you – you will look back on this moment of decision and KNOW that this was the point where God was doing something AH-MAZING!!!!!!

    I always feel like God has me on an endless adventure… and I love it. Its scary sometimes, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but he never lets me fall. He truly is faithful. You must remember …He has been to tomorrow and back. Nothing comes as a surprise to Him. Its all planned out. He knows what’s going to happen, He knows the plans he has for you. FOLLOW HIM. Jer. 29:11 You will never regret it or say, I totally missed God there. If your heart is in following Him … He will use your life, testimony and love for Him in ways you could never imagine.

    Relax! This is a good (God) place to be in. Make your decision. Obey God and leave all the consequences to HIM.

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    1. Yes, yes and YES!!! Thank you so much for confirming me! Exactly my thoughts, its always hard when you are in it but when you look back its like WOW!

      Definitely obeying God & leaving the consequences to Him! :):):)


  2. Stop looking like a slave on a plantation free yourself from the debt of the world.
    You will know, as you awake each morning and through out the day. As you lay down and fall asleep. The process continues.When your soul is awaken by God you never sleep, its a constant drive. Its your passion. Its becomes your calling. As you are touched by God he directs. Not your husband nor your children can undo or stop u. You can’t run from it. You can try, but he will bring you right back full circle. The Great one, holy one awake you at tonight and show you future visions. Example: Kids Smiles Matter Inc was a vision brought out from abstract idea into a physical state which has been order by God. He gave me his voice for the unjust, He uses me to make a difference to children who rights have been violated, this unfair action of treatment. This can no longer be tolerated. At risk communities, and rural communities suffer oral health disparities due to access to care and other obstacles. As you find your purpose, to be of services to others, you will no longer question. Or have doubts.You will become a doer, Watch God take the wheel. Take away financial struggles from you and your family.

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  3. So many women struggle with this everyday! Thank you for beginning a dialogue. In 2004 I took the leap of faith to stay home to raise my kids (that is where I felt God leading) during which I’d just finished school and had the opportunity to pursue a huge promotion…. I left it all behind. 12 years later my youngest is graduating in a few weeks! Time flys!!! The path of obedience has been so satisfying. Is your business opportunity something your family can help out? If so, you’d be teaching them excellent life skills. Building a business is hard work, but rewarding in so many ways later. Make sure your hearing from God and just not stagnated by fear or doubt. I appreciate your bumblebees and transparency. It shows through clearly in your writing! God Bless you on your journey! I’ll be praying for you! Tina

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