Humbled by losing a wallet

I found my wallet!

It wasn’t at the second store I’d assume I left it. The second store that frustrated me more because I felt they didn’t care. Because at closing time when I called back they refused to go out in the parking lot to look because they were “too busy”. It was not there.

It was at the first store I went to.  The store that had the amusement park style check out line that I failed to pay attention to because when I went to check out there was only one line open so I stood several feet behind that customer.

My wallet was at the first store I went to where, after three more patrons formed a line in the proper place, a second checker opened their line however the clerk did not look my way because I was technically not next, and she also did not call me up because at that same time I was being corrected by a different clerk that had come up, a supervisor perhaps, to advise me that I had formed a line in the incorrect spot and pointed me to where I needed to go instead.

My wallet was at the first store.  The store that I abruptly left because of the line fiasco, merchandise still in cart and left in the middle of the aisle.

My wallet was at the first store, the store where I assumed it was not, the store that I did not call last night, the store that I abruptly left, merchandise still in cart, cart left in aisle.

My wallet was not at the second store who I was going to give a bad Facebook rating and review on for “uncaring associates”. This is what’s wrong with the world I mumbled to myself. 

My wallet was at the first store, who I did not call until this morning, unbothered and waiting for me. My wallet was at the first store awaiting pickup from its owner, canceled cards and all.


I thought it would feel good to leave the cart there, mercandise still in it, cart in the middle of an aisle, but it didn’t. I knew it and I did nothing about it.  So I forgot my wallet. *ouch*

You see I am far from perfect.  I know daily that I am in need of a savior, of the grace that I sometimes forget to extend others, on a Sunday afternoon after church no less.  My flesh still creeps in and takes precedence over what my head & heart knows I should do.  I am a daily work in progress.  I am not nearly where I used to be but I still have far to go.  My work will not be finished until the day God calls me home.  I recognize my pride, my arrogance, my self centeredness… I’ve repented and asked for forgiveness.  My eyes should be off of myself and on Jesus at all times!

My wallet was at the first store for a reason.  So humbling.

Every moment is a lesson…


2 thoughts on “Humbled by losing a wallet

  1. MMM,

    You are the absolute BEST!!! Thank you for sharing your life lesson with us! I’m so thankful you found your wallet. BTW – I love the name of your new blog! God Bless~Tina


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